Merbok’s Vivagloss complements the GlobalArt decorative laminated MDF with range with high gloss acrylic based laminates that can be applied to any of Merbok’s substrates panels depending on the design criteria.


Vivagloss panels are prefinished with a high gloss acrylic overlay on the face with a melamine back that provides the practicality of a hard wearing, stain resistant, hygienic surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Vivagloss is suitable for all types of domestic projects where a high gloss – mirror type finish is a desirable feature.

The Vivagloss range consists of stunning high gloss effects, designed to complement the most dynamic of interior designs, used either on their own, or in combination with the GlobalArt range.

Vivagloss is resistant to staining from common household liquids and best cleaning results are achieved by using a soft cloth or chamois with a non abrasive soap or detergent in warm water. Minor scratches and scuffs can be easily removed from by hand with common liquid polishes and soft polishing cloths.

Vivagloss in combination with the appropriate substrate provides designers, renovators and builders the another option to create modern and practical living spaces.


Merbok’s Vivagloss is available in various standard thickness between 15mm and 18mm in a panel size of 2440mm x 1220mm.


Merbok Vivagloss should be stored undercover in a dry, well ventilated area. Sheets should be stored flat with uniformly and vertically aligned support bearers which should be placed evenly at 600mm centres. The protective layer should only be removed after completion of the installation to prevent any inadvertent damage to the panels. The VivaGloss face is relatively soft and care should be taken during processing. All packing materials should be disposed of thoughtfully.


Vivagloss can be cut, machined, filed and drilled with commonly available woodworking equipment. For best results it is recommended that the material be cut with a bench-type or beam saw fitted with a tungsten carbide tipped scribing blade and using a 72-96 tooth 300mm tungsten tipped main blade operating at 4,500 rpm. It is recommended that appropriate sized pilot holes should be drilled prior to dowelling, nailing or screwing. PVA wood glues are recommended for gluing prior to fixing.

The edges should be lightly sanded using fine sandpaper prior to edging with the VivaGloss or other PVC edge finishes.


Thickness Tolerance EN324-1 mm ± 0.2
Length & Width Tolerance EN324-1 mm/m ± 2.0
Squareness EN324-2 mm/m ± 1.5
Average Density EN323 Kg/m3 730
Internal Bond EN319 N/mm2 0.7
Modulus Of Rupture EN310 N/mm2 35
Modulus Of Elasticity EN310 N/mm2 2600
Surface Soundness EN311 N 900
Screw Holding (Face) EN320 N 1100
Screw Holding (Edge) EN320 N 1000
Thickness Swell(24hr) EN317 % 12
* Average Value

Merbok VIVAGLOSS & It's Applications