Merbok achieves FSC Certificate

Merbok has recently been awarded FSCTM Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM and it ensures that the products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

FSC Forest Management certification confirms that a specific area of forest is being managed in line with the FSC Principles and Criteria and aims to avoid the use of wood products from unacceptable sources in FSC labeled products. A range of FSC Certified products are available form Merbok on request.

Merbok's Door system achieves 2 hours Fire Rating

Merbok has developed a door system consisting of high Density composite Panels to achieve either a 1 or 2 hour fire rating depending on the application. Enquire for more information.

We make more than MDF
Choosing the right product

Choosing the right product...for the right application…for the right results

Many people wonder why their Medium Density Fibreboard based cabinets that look great when they are installed but fail after a few years due to swelling caused by the ingress of water into the panel. MDF is a wood based composite panel that is made by fusing together woodfibre, binders and other ingredients under high temperature and pressure to form a homogeneous wood panel. The binder used in the MDF and the density of the MDF are important characteristics that are often ignored by cabinet makers during their design process. Put simply, density determines the strength of the panel and the type and quantity of binder used determines the durability of the panel. Like most things in life – you get what you pay for. The cost of the product increases as durability and strength increases. Choosing the right type of MDF panel is therefore an important design consideration. At Merbok we understand that users need to be able to source the right panel for the job and have therefore developed a range of products to suit a wide range of applications. The chart below illustrates Merbok’s range of products in terms of durability and strength.

Standard Merbok MDF is manufactured by Merbok at an average density of 700kg/m3 with a standard non water resistant binder. Despite it’s many great virtues such as machinability, the product has minimal water resistant qualities. This product is recommended for interior applications such as offices and bedrooms where there is minimal chance of water ingress. These products are not suitable for wet area applications. Unfortunately many other manufactures produce their panels at a density of less than 650 kg/m3 and pass it as MDF which makes the problem worse if used in the wrong application.

Merbok MR is manufactured at a density of 710 kg/m3 with water resistant binders providing some moisture resistance properties but not in accordance with European Standards. The product is suitable for high humidity climates but not for applications where there is chance of water ingress.

Merbok HMR 313 is manufactured at a density of 735 kg/m3 with water resistant binders according to European Standards for moisture resistant MDF when tested according to (EN317). The resulting thickness swell after soaking in water for 24 hours is typically about 8%. This product is suitable for use in applications where occasional wetting may occur.

Merbok MRX is a step above and is manufactured at a density of 800 kg/m3 with water resistant binders and exceeds European Standards for moisture resistant MDF. A resulting thickness swell of is typically about 6% when tested according to EN 317. MRX is usually used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry cabinets.

Merbok HDX has been developed for more demanding applications and is manufactured at a density of 850 kg/m3 with superior water resistant binders. With HDX, thickness swell is typically less than 5% and can be used where longevity of the product is an important design consideration.

Merbok Compactino is a decorative high density composite panel of 920 kg/m3 that should be considered for demanding commercial applications such as railway stations, airports and toilet partitions where durability and strength are paramount objectives.

Quality products enhance good designs, making it possible to turn great ideas into magnificent applications while complementing a setting with its own identity. We encourage you to carefully select and specify the right product for the right application Merbok’s product range will encourage you to abandon fixed ideas. Please contact Merbok to discuss your specific application and requirements.

1.Merbok Develops Toilet partition kit.
Merbok Compactino
  • 1. ( 4’ x 8’ ) 15 mm shutter board x 2 sheets
  • 2. ( 6’ x 6’ ) 15 mm shutter board x 3 sheets

  • 1. S/S partition legs x 7 pcs
  • 2. S/S hinges x 4 pcs
  • 3. S/S “L” brackets x 28 pcs
  • 4. S/S knobs x 2 pcs
  • 5. S/S indicators x 2 pcs
  • 6. S/S hangers x 2 pcs
  • 7. S/S Door stoppers x 2 pcs
  • 8. SE/ Screw ( 5 / 8 * 6 ) x 48 pcs
  • 9. Thread bar 5 mm ( mtr ) x 2 pcs
  • 10. Thread bar 6 mm ( mtr ) x 1 pc
  • 11. S/S cup nuts 5 mm x 40 pcs
  • 12. S/S cup nuts 6 mm x 12 pcs
  • 13. Galvanized head rail ( 18 feet )

Colours Available
Side wall:White only
Door:White, Atlantic Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Sandy Beige

The modules are available in 2, 3 and 4 cubicle versions as standard. The actual panels made from Merbok’s highly durable Compactino.

Merbok Compactino is finished on both sides of the panel with a solid-decorative-melamine surface that provides excellent resistance to scratching and graffiti and facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning. The substrate is formulated with moisture resistant binders to provide a highly durable high water resistant panel, whilst still providing the workability and versatility required for a range of building installation and applications. Merbok Compactino provides you with the benefits of high quality compact laminate panels at a much more affordable cost.

Merbok Cubicle system is ideal for Public Toilets / Showers where simplicity of design, ease of manufacture and durability is required such as in the Airports, Shopping Malls, Schools and Hospitals.