Merbok Compactino

Merbok Compactino is a tough, high density, decorative polymer based composite panel that can withstand a high degree of abuse in most demanding applications such as public restrooms.

Strong | Robust | Durable

Merbok Compactino is a tough, high density, polymer based composite panel that can withstand demanding applications and a high degree of abuse.

Merbok Compactino is finished on both sides of the panel with a solid-decorative-melamine surface that also provides excellent resistance to scratching and graffiti and facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning. The substrate is formulated with moisture resistant binders to provide a highly durable high water resistant panel, whilst still providing the workability and versatility required for a range of building installation and applications.

The water resistant properties and hardwearing melamine surface make Merbok Compactino suitable for demanding applications.

Merbok Compactino is suitable for applications such as commercial toilets, shower partitioning, wall paneling, doors in public areas and furniture that might be subject to abuse. The moisture resistant properties make Merbok Compactino suitable for use in moist and humid environments.


Merbok Compactino is available in thickness of 12mm, and 18mm and in a panel size of 2440mm x 1220mm.


Merbok Compactino should be stored undercover in a dry, well ventilated area. Sheets should be stored flat with uniformly and vertically aligned support bearers which should be placed evenly at 600mm centres. All packing materials should be disposed of thoughtfully.


When using Merbok Compactino in areas of high humidity or dampness a water resistant adhesive such as an epoxy needs to be used for joining. For optimum results all edges should be sealed with PVC edge or laminate edge band using a water resistant adhesive prior to installation. Alternately, a water proof paint sealant can be used.

Merbok Compactino

Thickness Tolerance EN324-1 mm ± 0.2
Length & Width Tolerance EN324-1 mm/m ± 2
Squareness EN324-2 mm/m ± 1.5
Average Density EN323 Kg/m3 920
Internal Bond EN319 N/mm2 >1.2
Modulus Of Rupture EN310 N/mm2 >57
Modulus Of Elasticity EN310 N/mm2 >3000
Surface Soundness EN311 N >1200
Thickness Swell (24hr) EN317 % <5
Surface Water Absorption on Surface Coated Side GSM <250
Paper Weight g/cm2 70-110
Porosity Graphite Nill
Abrasion Resistance (EN438-2, CS17) Revs >100
Flammability DIN51960 K1
Scratch Resistance EN438-2, 14 2,5
Impact Resistance ASTMD 1037 650mm Drop
Cigarette Burn EN438-2, 18 No Change
Resistance to Stains EN438-2 No Change
* Average Value

Merbok Compactino & It's Applications