Merbok Colourcote & Clearcote

Merbok Colourcote combines the excellent qualities of Merbok Gold with a specially formulated color coating which is processed under high temperature and pressure giving a smooth durable surface, whilst retaining the physical properties of Merbok Gold.

Merbok’s Clearcote and Colourcote combines the excellent qualities of Merbok Gold with a specially formulated coating on one surface. While Merbok Clearcote and Colourcote retain the physical properties of Merbok Gold it offers the manufacturer unsurpassed flexibility and savings by integrating a pre-finished durable surface with their own specialty surface finishes.

Made For That Perfect Finish

Merbok Colourcote combines the superior qualities of Merbok Gold with a specially formulated transparent coating on one surface in either Green, Red or Grey and offers the unique solution for a modern natural lifestyle. Merbok Colourcote gives you new choices for Interior decorating, Furniture, Wall partitioning in Conference rooms, Offices, Hotels and shop fitouts.

Merbok Clearcote is ideal for high gloss painting, vacuum formed vinyls, membrane pressing and foil applications where a superior surface finish is required.

The specially formulated coating is processed under high temperature and pressure making it a smooth clear surface which requires very little finishing prior to further processing.The special process and coating developed by Merbok eliminates most of the normal imperfections usually found on the surface of MDF which are telegraphed through to high quality surface finishes.


Merbok Colourcote and Clearcote is available in various standard thickness between 12mm, 15mm and 18mm in a panel size of 2440mm x 1220mm.

STORING AND HANDLING MERBOK Clearcote and Colourcote

Merbok Colourcote and ClearCote should be stored undercover in a dry, well ventilated area. Sheets should be stored flat with uniformly and vertically aligned support bearers which should be placed evenly at 600mm centres. Take care to lift the sheets clear of the pack before removing and keep all work areas clean to avoid damage to the melamine panel during processing. All packing materials should be disposed of thoughtfully.

WORKING WITH MERBOK Colourcote & Clearcote

Merbok Colourcote & Clearcote can be cut, machined, filed and drilled with commonly available woodworking equipment. The best cutting can be obtained using 72-96 teeth saw blades. It is recommended that appropriate sized pilot holes should be drilled prior to dowelling, nailing or screwing. PVA wood glues are recommended for gluing prior to fixing.

It is recommended that when working with MDF suitable dust masks are worn and the work environment is well ventilated.

Merbok Clearcote can be finished using water-based or epoxy paints. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned with a suitable cleaning agent in accordance with the paint manufacturers recommendation. Refer to Merbok’s website for detailed information.

Merbok Colourcote & Clearcote

Thickness Tolerance EN324-1 mm ± 0.2 ± 0.2
Length & Width Tolerance EN324-1 mm/m ± 2 ± 2
Squareness EN324-2 mm/m ± 1.5 ± 1.5
Average Density EN323 Kg/m3 730 720
Internal Bond EN319 N/mm2 0.7 0.7
Modulus Of Rupture EN310 N/mm2 40 35
Modulus Of Elasticity EN310 N/mm2 2700 2600
Surface Soundness EN311 N 1000 900
Screw Holding (Face) EN320 N N/A 1100
Screw Holding (Edge) EN320 N N/A 1000
Thickness Swelling (24hr) EN317 % 15 12
Surface Water Absorption on Surface Coated Side GSM <300 <300
* Average Value

Merbok Clearcote and ColourCote & It's Applications